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4343 Four-Way Studio Monitor Circa 1977 Courtesy of Rick Riessen © Harman International

JBL 4343/4343WX 4343: 560,000yen(one-set ,around the 1978 time) 4343WX: \580,000 (one-set ,around the 1978 time) Description Typical 4 way monitor speaker system. 2231A which is a 38cm cone type Woofer low-pass,On inside low-pass, 2405 of a

The 4343 represents an extension of the research and development effort that produced the 4350 Studio Monitor JBL’s top system, which uses dual low frequency drivers. This new monitor accurately reproduces the full range of fundamentals and overtones in music at

The JBL 4344, a professional speaker developed during JBL´s shift from its 4-way to an “augmented 2-way concept” age. The speaker was on the market for a fairly short time (being part of the older 4-way concept), starting in 1982 and ending in 1983. Detailed

Vintage (from the late 70’s), very good condition JBL 4343’s. If you’re reading this ad, you probably know about these monitors. Very highly regarded, the JBL studio monitors from this era were used for many years in virtually every professional recording venue.

價格: $6500.00

Premium speakers from JBL such as wireless bluetooth speakers, Android & iOS headphones, soundbars, subwoofers, home theater systems, computer speakers, & iPod/iPhone docks. Get the best sound for music, smartphones, tablets & TVs with JBL speakers.

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29/5/2016 · I had the great pleasure to get up close and personal with the hi-fi system of a fellow stereo enthusiast today. I hope it transspires through the recorded audio how beautifully this set of

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JBL 4344 650,000yen(one set) Description Developing-as succeeding machine of 4343B which obtained reliance as reference machine of studio speaker system. 2421B and the tweeter to which the 38cm aperture 2235H which raised input characteristics

Find great deals on eBay for jbl 4312 and jbl 4311. Shop with confidence. 以斜體字顯示的金額表示物品不是以 Hong Kong dollars 刊登,他們是根據 Bloomberg 匯率兌換為 Hong Kong dollars 的金額。

12/3/2007 · jbl 4343b ciao,i purchase a pair of 4343b,in good condictions where is the difference between 4343 and 4343b,but the medium have a dustcup nout of the centre,i look a type with dustcup in centre.sorry for my bad english. i speak in italian.

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3/6/2014 · JBL 4343 for me has always REPRESENTATIVES perfection Contents of cost. However, the price first (equivalent in the 70’s, that of a new medium sedan), and their footprint on the other hand, empch me to this acqurir era. I shall therefore of costs in stores hifi high

JBL、中古、スピーカー、レイオーディオ、TAD、Excluseive、パラゴン、エベレスト、K2、4311、4312、4331、4333、4343、4344、4350、4355 4338 4348 2235H 2122H 2421B 2308 2307 2405 2202 2220 2440 2420 2311 375 130A D130 515B reference

29/1/2020 · JBL 4312系列 聲音90分 二手價格4000至5500元 性價比得分85分 JBL4312系列是JBL產品中生產時間最長的監聽箱子,型號先後有4312、4312A、4312B、4312C、4312XP、4312B MK2、4312MK2、4312SX、4312D,此外還有小日本生產的4312M,是小號的4312

JBL 特約零售商 HD Life高清生活 電視投影機專門店 門市 : 23042104 Whatsapp:63868859 100吋投影幕現場示範 送貨加$100 電話落單,貨到付款,快捷方便 請先確定貨量才按訂購 保證原廠行貨,10天內有壞


JBL PartyBox 300是一款強而有力的派對音響,獨特的JBL音質和生動燈光效果,就讓我們開 MORE Reflect Mini 2 專為熱愛運動和律動生活型態之使用者設計的無線耳機 MORE UA Sport Wireless React 讓運動員能夠更加努力、長久且安全地進行訓練

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M2 Master Reference Monitor Addressing the growing need for high dynamic range and reference-monitor accuracy in a broad range of studios, JBL has developed the M2 Master Reference Monitor: A Free-Standing, 2-Way System that can be placed in any

8/4/2013 · No apparant problems. I was living in Japan for awhile and yeah, living spaces are tiny. Most Japanese people don’t want speakers any bigger than typical computer sized speakers, just like everyone else in the world, but well heeled Japanese audiophiles really dig the big American name brands like JBL and McIntosh etc.

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JBL Incorporated, 8500 Balboa Boulevard, P.O. Box 2200, Northridge, California 91329 U.S.A. Technical Manual JBL4430 L,R SPECIFICATIONS STUDIO MONITOR H 08-03 N36-58450 20 kHz 61381 61449P 2 Way System 61449P

美しい外観とプロ・サウンドを両立した家庭用スピーカーの開発を目指して設立。以来、世界中のあらゆる音楽が関わるシーンで、 プロアマ問わず信頼され、愛用され続けている、世界最大

看著眼前的JBL 4312M II,看著那藍底的前面板與同色網罩,看著那配著布邊的白色紙盆低音振膜,看著那左右鏡向對稱的單體佈局,看著那位於前帳板右上角的兩個中音與高音量感調整鈕,在外觀上幾乎完全與承先啟後的JBL監聽喇叭 4312一模一樣,我心想:原來這就叫做經典。

Type: 3 way, 3 driver loudspeaker system Frequency Response: 35Hz to 20kHz Power Handling: 75W Crossover Frequency: 800, 8500Hz Impedance: 8Ω This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by JBL. To purchase 4333/4333A/4333B spares or

Page 1 4 3 4 4 M k I I P R O F E S S I O N A L S E R I E S L O U D S P E A K E R S Y S T E M A NEW STANDARD FOR A NEW CENTURY Page 2 JBL is part of the Harman International family of audio companies, a group with a common purpose: combining technology with a love of music to manufacture audio products that provide new levels of satisfaction, perform- ance and value.

JBL L65 – This is a 2-way speaker with a foam cover with controls for presence and brilliance to help you increase sonic clarity. Kinds of JBL vintage speakers A vintage JBL speaker for sale is often a cabinet consisting of multiple speakers that are each

Pair JBL 4333A speakers. Great working condition. Cabs are in good condition with some scuffs. Grills not original. All drivers are working properly but the surrounds on the woofers need to be replaced.I also have a pair JBL L200 Studio Master speakers listed separately..I am open to reasonable

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JBL Incorporated, 8500 Balboa Boulevard, P.O. Box 2200, Northridge, California 91329 U.S.A. Technical Manual JBL4333B SPECIFICATIONS 55519 REV C 08-03

Classifieds: FOR SALE – JBL 4410 Professional Studio Monitor Speakers asking for $700.00 Welcome to CAM, a classifieds site for used audio and hifi. It is completely free for hobbyists to post classifieds here.Register today and start selling your audio gear!

價格: $700.00

[新聞] 劇院好搭檔-JBL Stage落地喇叭 型號名稱取作Stage,你就可以知道JBL想要讓你聽到什麼樣的聲音了。Stage是舞台的意思,也就是說JBL想要直接把舞台搬到你家客廳,讓你感受到如臨現場的熱力與奔放。Stage是一款3單體3音路落地喇叭,使用1顆19mm鈦

View and Download JBL 4348 owner’s manual online. 15 Inch 4-Way Studio Monitor. 4348 Speakers pdf manual download. Page 1 Model 4348 Owner’s Manual Model 4348 is a new member in the JBL4300 series of 15-inch 4-way studio monitor systems. With the

JBL 4343B/4343BWX ※1980年発売 4343B:¥600,000(1台、1981年頃) 4343BWX:¥630,000(1台、1981年頃) 解説 4343のユニット変更モデルにあたる4 ウェイスピーカーシステム。 4343から変更されたユニットは低域のユニットで、低域には38cmコーン型ウーファーである


JBL 4343B Complete Refoam Kit. This kit will fit the JBL 4343B Speaker that use the 2121 10″ Mid-Bass and the 2231A 15″ woofer. It can be difficult to refoam a speaker without removing the dust cap and inserting the plastic shims.

品牌: MW Audio

혹시라도 JBL 쾌짝 스피커에 대해 관심있으신 분들은 밑에 언급된 모델 외에 JBL 4318, 4319, 4429, 4343 모델을 찾아서 구하시면 됩니다. 참고로 JBL 4343 같은 경우는 오디오 업체들에서 중고 매입가를 500~550만원까지 쳐줄 정도로 명기입니다

JBL, jbl 4343, jbl 4344, jbl l300, jbl4343 악기들과 함께 자사의 스피커를 카탈로그에 등장시킨 것도 50년대 JBL이 처음이라고 한다. 당시 다른 메이커에서는 이쁜 여자가 스피커 옆에 뽐 잡고 있는 사진을 이용했다.

15/2/2015 · JBL made special overlap cards for the 5234 crossover but Tannoy had a crossover with time alignment TX-1 with a special card for the 4343’s that sounded better. The 2231a was the weak linkoften replaced with Gauss 4831’s

JBL L 300 Summit. Since I first encountered them in the mid ’70’s I have always admired the JBL L300 Summit loudspeakers. I have always thought these were some of the most attractive loudspeakers ever made, and I recalled that they sounded as good as

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바랍니다. 매칭이 상당히 손쉽고 편하게 잘되며 JBL C-40 하크네스와 짝궁일 정도로 탁월한 매칭 보여줍니다. 물론 탄노이 위주의 스피커들과의 매칭역시 베스트매칭에 속하는 편입니다 정기정검 모두 받아놓은 상태이며 좌,우 벨런스밎 볼륨컨디션 아주

8/9/2012 · JBL 4343는 기본적으로 대형 플로어 타입의 4웨이 시스템이며 전면 포트를 활용한 베이스 리플렉스의 위상반전 저음강화 시스템이다. JBL 4343의 드라이버 유닛 구성을 보면, 고역 트위터, 중고역 미드 하이, 중저역 미드 베이스, 저역 우퍼의 4웨이 구성이다.

2/12/2016 · The speakers were called the 4343 JBL Studio Monitors. Back then that was alot of money for me to lay out.Actually my new Fiat wasn’t to much more then that.LOL The speakers just were to much for my small dwellings I had them in. I was getting ringing in

JBL 4343B STUDIO MONITOR 대형 스피커 입니다. 오디오 입문으로 시작하시는 분들에게는 꿈의 스피커로 불리울 정도로 대중성 높은 베스트 셀러급 스피커 입니다. 엄청난 무게와 크기에 떵떵거리는 출력과 시.. 안녕하세요 신설동 종합전자 김태훈입니다. 항상 믿음과 신뢰를 바탕으로 최고의 제품으로

JBL has all the speakers you need for your home theater, including floorstanding speakers, bookshelf speakers, in-wall components or all-weather outdoor speakers

제가jbl 4343유닛을 가지고 있습니다. 해서 43243인크로저를 만들고 싶습니다. 혹시 도움을 받을수 있는지요 연락부탁드립니다. 010-8222-2029 텍스티콘 top 1 목록보기 『5.JBL 정보』 카테고리의 다른 글 2016-10-27 18:59:24 jbl 스피커 정보 모으기

JBL 4343은 여러 곳에서 많이 들어 보았고, 남의 것이기는 했지만 어느 정도 내 해보고 싶은 대로 울려도 보았다. 그럼에도 불구하고 여전히 한번은 내 집에 들여 놓고 내 하고 싶은 대로 운용을 해 보고 싶은, 매력이 아직도 생생하게 살아 숨 쉬는 스피커이기도 하다.

2010 年式新款 JBL 4307 終於上市! 採用 43 系列著名白色紙盆十吋低音單體 ,五吋厚實高中音單體,一點五吋超高音. 分頻點 45Hz~1.5KHz (十吋低音) , 1.5KHz~6. 韻特音響 ventoaudio 跳到主文 Since 1993 高雄市鳳山區中正路181號 07-7438930 [email protected]

Wanted some full-range speakers of quality that can move some air! JBL came to mind. I auditioned a new professional-grade JBL monitor and was not overly impressed. By chance, the next day, a pristine pair of 4430’s came up on the local hifi buy& sell site. Price


JBL attributes major importance to the validity of published information. Rather than repeat the ambiguity of most technical specifications, JBL has traditionally refrained from listing data for which no widely-accepted test procedure has been established.